TLS Blogs

Year 2019

Back to School

Back to school can be a challenge for teachers. As a teacher, you are ready to jump in and help your students with learning right away. However, there are so many assessments that must be completed before you are able to do this!

Students have not yet learned your expectations and our youngest students might not be ready to work independently at centers. For this reason, we have created a set of centers with simple directions. Our hope is that these centers will allow you to get in some one on one time as you assess your students.

Involving Parents Beyond School

Like all educational institutions we should also find ourselves with the imperative of helping keep our parents engaged in how we are fostering growth in their children so that they continue to value what we offer. As we have become more aware of this need three things have become incredibly clear to us:

1. We need to regularly define what 21st century skills are
2. We need to give our parents the language and tools to understand how their children have grown
3. We need to constantly demonstrate how this skill building can be included in friendship building

How we meet these important needs is still a bit of a work in progress, but one of our most important tools is the blog section of our website. This will provide them with what events took place at TLS on a given day, but also gives parents insight into how their child or children grew that day.


Lately in May,2017, TLS celebrated Cleanliness weak, which helped students in getting aware about the importance of cleanliness in our Religion and society. It developed an instinct in them regarding adverse effects of spilling garbage and how hazardous the unclean environment can be for us. This also developed their interpersonal skills ,time management, event management, ethics and social values. We certainly want our current and future parents to understand the massive amounts of fun our children are having is organizing and participating in the themes going on, at the school.
This experience is to help our students to be more creative, resilient, and independent, and have incredible opportunities for leadership and healthy risk taking.

When the parents became aware of the importance of the social events at school they started appreciate the organization for creating awareness in their child regarding cleanliness and such thing have never happened before. They even made sure that such events and weeks will be celebrated at the school in future as well.


Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an innovative approach to learning that teaches a multitude of strategies critical for success in the twenty-first century. Students drive their own learning through inquiry, as well as work collaboratively to research and create projects that reflect their knowledge. From gleaning new, viable technology skills, to becoming proficient communicators and advanced problem solvers, students benefit from this approach to instruction. Demonstrating the 21st century skills is one major element in engaging parents. The well they will be aware the well they will cooperate. This even helps them in parenting at home. They will then be able to create innovations in their and their child’s daily routine.

Forming a parents teachers association, will work as a bridge between the organization and parents. This is going to help parents understanding the system and organization will be able to learn about queries and problems parents might have regarding the system.
The association will help in developing collaboration and coordination among the parents and the organization, overcoming the issues related to upbringing of their child and achieving mutual goal which is to prepare their child for the world and here after.