The Learning Space will provide a dynamic, student-centred, 21st Century learning environment with amalgamation of our core Islamic values. Our school will be characterized by high achievement, actively engaged learners, mutual respect, shared knowledge, pursuit of new skills and capabilities, collaborative learning, willingness to take action, a team commitment to continuous improvement, and substantial results.

"Choosing a school is probably of the first truly major decisions you will have to make. This decision will have far reaching effects on virtually every aspect of life".


We offer early childhood education system to children ranging from the ages three to six in the form of Play Group and Kindergarten. Especially designed environments are built at TLS, together with approved curriculum to enhance the vocabulary and language skills of children so that they learn how to communicate, play and interact with others appropriately.


We offer elementary education to children establishing foundations in range of subject areas. Through specially designed academic coursework, The Learning Space - TLS aim to promote literacy and numeracy amongst the children. The Learning Space Primary education ensures smooth transition to more advanced secondary education or middle school.


Matric curriculum system is more common and widely chosen by students. It comprises of a two-year study program: class IX and X; commonly called S.S.C examination Part I (IX) and Part –II (X). Matriculation (usually shortened to "matric") is a term that refers to the final examinations of 9th and 10th grades. It results in the issuance of SSC or TSC.

Aim & Objectives

  • To develop a child's character, based on trust, friendship, cooperation, honesty, good manners and courtesy.
  • To provide ideal education to the students in the academic areas such as language, Science, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Arts, Geography, History, Civils and Government.
  • To impart education including academic and extracurricular activities help them achieve what is needed in their lifes ahead.
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